Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ring

Wow! The time is flying by. I definitely wanted to stop in and post a pic or two of my gorgeous ring. Caleb did a wonderful job getting this ring and I'm in awe of it. So, without further ado, my ring!

 Since I've gotten engaged, every waking moment has been dedicated to either work or antique shopping. Caleb and I have decided to go with a shabby chic vintage wedding. So, I'm running around to all the antique stores around to find porcelain china and milk glass vases. I've found a lot of cute things.

Alrighty! That's just a little sneak peek at some of the goodies that I've found. I'm just a bubbly ball of joy right now. I think I might have to take a little break from scrapping for a bit until I can calm down. I'm just so distracted lately and I can't focus on anything else for too long!