Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Ride - October Afternoon Sasparilla

October Afternoon's Sasparilla line is just what the doctor ordered. It's fun and masculine enough for any male in your life. It's very hard for me to find a collection that I can pair with photos of Caleb, so I jumped at the first chance to get my hands on it. I loved all the little journaling cards and embellishments that come with this collection. I was able to pile on some really awesome things and I still have a lot left for some more pages.

This page is about Caleb and his new Volvo. The old Dodge Intrepid finally gave up on us and departed this world with a blown head gasket. It was a good car and shall be missed. :::sniff sniff::: But the Volvo is awesome! It's such a fun and sporty little red car. He's so proud of it, so I just had to scrap him with his new ride. I'm so glad that one of the major colors in the Sasparilla line was red.

Please excuse any blurry photos. I just bought a new camera and I'm trying to get used to it. (It's very hard going from Donna's professional camera to my cheapy version.)  I started out with basic kraft paper and layered it on top of plain red cardstock paper. I went around the edges with Tim Holtz's Vintage Photo distress ink to give it a worn look. It gave me a double bonus because in some areas it looks like extra shadows.

I was originally drawn to Wilna's Creative Goals layout. I loved the negative shapes that were cut out. But, on my version, I wanted each negative shape to have a different pattern paper behind it. So I lightly traced out some stars and cut them out with an exacto knife. Then, I chose three different papers and secured them with my ATG runner. I originally wanted to go around the shapes with the sewing machine, but the stars were so small and had so many edges that I decided to use a pen instead.

The little flags are just so cute! I remember a while back when I just used kitchen toothpicks and a triangle cut out of paper. But these little guys are whittled to be extra decorative and they come with 10 different flags you can use. I covered the sheriff star with a shiny gold paper and it looked like real metal (but it didn't show up in the photos). For a final touch, I ran my layout through the sewing machine with a heavy black to bring out the car's wheels.

Hope everyone enjoyed this layout. The Sasparilla line was so bold and fun. I'm still looking around for more topics that I can use with it. I haven't even begun to use the yellow side of this set. Make sure to click the 'follow' button to the right to be updated with my newest layouts. If you'd rather get my posts in an e-mail version, just enter your e-mail address in the box provided to the right. (I promise you that I will never send you any spam or junk e-mail.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jada and Chloe

I'm the girl who never wins anything. So, imagine my surprise when I won two things in one week! I received a wonderful kit from both Wilna and Keshet. I couldn't wait to use both kits and I was lucky enough to be able to use both on a cute little mini album. I had been wanting to scrap these pictures for a long time but I just couldn't find a real reason to scrap a full 12x12 layout. So, a mini was a fun way to scrap them separately.

Studio Calico - Classic Calico - Letterset, Studio Calico - Elementary - Atmosphere,  Studio Calico - Elementary - Harper's Rule, Studio Calico - Farmer's Market, American Crafts - CHAP - Jim, American Crafts - CHAP - Richard, My Mind's Eye - Good Day Sunshine - Sunny Stripes, October Afternoon - Boarding Pass - Chip 'n Stick, October Afternoon - Campfire Word Stickers, October Afternoon - Farmhouse Word Stickers, October Afternoon - Sidewalks Word Stickers, October Afternoon - 5 & Dime Label Stickers, October Afternoon - Modern Homemaker Label Stickers, October Afternoon - Cherry Hill Cardstock Stickers, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Journal Cards, October Afternoon - Boarding Pass - Miscellany, 3L - 3D Foam Squares, The Cinch Binding Tool

Since both prize kits had lots of papers and embellishments with the same color theme, I was able to mix-and-match them along with some of my own stash. I have tons of October Afternoon stickers that I never seem to use up. I just use a couple of favorites and then put the rest away. It was a blast being able to pull them all out again. I felt like I was getting new stuff all over again.

Since each of the tabs came from a different collection, they all had different fonts. I actually loved them so much more because of it. They really gave a personal touch to the mini. And surprisingly, the colors all tied into my main paper and made it feel very cohesive. I also found a little trick to sewing in a mini. If you sew on the paper before you attach it to the main book, then you won't have stitching that shows through to the next page.

This mini was so easy to make. I tried not to embellish too much and instead let the papers speak for themselves. They're so bright and busy. Thanks to Wilna and Keshet for their wonderful gifts. They were so awesome and spot on for what I wanted to do. It's too bad that some of this stuff has been discontinued. I would've loved to pick some more back up. Well, I'm in the middle of two more projects for 'ya. Can't wait to share them with you all and hopefully you'll join me for more fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Proposal - My Mind's Eye

Winter CHA 2012 was definitely full of amazing new goodies! ( Man, I wish I could have gone.) Anyways, I've been stalking the shopping section of Two Peas for weeks now...just waiting for the stuff to hit the rack. My Mind's Eye was one of the first collection up for grabs. And boy did I grab! I loaded up on the Be Happy and Be Amazing collections. The colors are so pretty and soft that I knew I wanted to use them for my wedding stuff. I'm sorry if wedding stuff is getting old....but I'm just bursting at the seams with it!

My Mind's Eye - Follow Your Heart - Be Amazing - Ephemera,  My Mind's Eye - Follow Your Heart -  Be Happy - Happy DoilyMy Mind's Eye - Follow Your Heart - Be Happy - Never Forget,  My Mind's Eye - Follow Your Heart - Be Happy - 12x12 Chipboard,  My Mind's Eye - Follow Your Heart - Be Happy - Transparency, Letters - The Silhouette 

This layout was put together very easily. I love that most of the papers already have embellished little alcoves. It makes it so easy to layer a couple of elements and create a full cohesive page. The chipboard accents that come with this collection are so awesome! They're self-adhesive so it's as easy as popping them out and sticking them down. The little honeycomb stickers are my favorite. :-)

I cut out one of the transparencies and layered it over my photo. I even cut out the little banner that was actually the collection title, but I just thought it was so cute! To make sure that you wouldn't see any glue or tape, I secured it by running it through the sewing machine. While I was at the sewing machine, I added some texture by crumpling up some lace and using it as a border. I didn't think to grab any letters to go with this collection (I'm not even sure there's any out yet). So, I grabbed some light grey paper and ran it through my FMIL's silhouette. The silhouette never cuts as well as my Cricut does, but I do enjoy the versatility of being able to choose any font on the computer.

I really hope you liked my layout! If you get a chance to pick up some of My Mind's Eye, do it! It's so fun and cute. I could really see this being used for a little girl or an anniversary. It's just so soft and feminine. If you want to be updated when I make a new project, make sure to click the follow button on the right or enter your email address. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Shop - October Afternoon

I originally planned on doing this layout with the "Kitchen Cupboard" paper from October Afternoon's Farmhouse collection. But since I had just used that entire page on my last layout, I had to find a replacement page. I wanted a deep wood grain so I started to look through my new Two Peas goodies and I found Crate Paper's Valentine page. The color was spot on, and I actually like this page better because it was a simpler page than the OA one. It's so easy to layer on patterns when the background is only slightly textured.

October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Button Box, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Her Bureau, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Church Social, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Clothesline, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Guest Room, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Word Stickers, Crate Paper - Paper Heart - Valentine, Tim Holtz - Distress Ink - Vintage Photo, Ranger - Glossy Accents.

This picture is very important because it's the family business. My grandfather was the type of person who never settled for 'good enough'. He created 3 successful businesses, but he always said that he could do more. Then (much to the aggravation of my grandmother) he borrowed money against their farm to build Davis Foreign Auto Parts. It was very successful and he was happy with it for the rest of his days. Once he passed away, it was left to my father. I always look at it with awe. It always takes courage to leave what is safe for the unknown. I've dedicated this page to the legacy he has left behind.

The title was a little tricky for me. I tried a bunch of different papers, but they all had too much pattern on them. It just looked so busy that you couldn't read it. Then, I looked at my cardstock... which didn't help. All the browns I could find were more reddish than I wanted. So, I got an old cream index card and began rubbing it with Tim Holtz's Vintage Photo distress ink. Then, I got on my FMIL's silhouette and cut out the title. I really like the chunky letters and the color is exactly what I wanted. Sometimes things are just easier when you do things yourself. :)

I often look around to get ideas and inspiration. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a layout with a very heavy banner. It was packed full and had different shapes and sizes of pennants. I really loved the fullness it gave, so I stored it in my mind. Unfortunately, I don't remember who the inspiration piece was made by. If you think it might have been you, please send me an email and let me know. I've seen a couple of heavy banners, but they aren't the inspiration piece.

I just love all the images on the "Her Bureau" page. They're just so fun and you can use them each as an embellishment. The little post stamp was tricky. If I were to cut each little perforation separately, then it would take me all day and still come out strange. So I found a trick. I just cut around the sides as close as I could. Then, I punched the little half circles out with a small hole punch. I was done in less than 5 minutes. I then cut out a couple of the buttons and covered them with glassy accents. Of course, I went around all edges with the Vintage Photo pad.

I hope you enjoyed this layout. I'm completely in love with this collection. I'll probably stock up and still be using this stuff next year! lol. If you want to stay up to date on all my projects, you can follow me by clicking the follow button or entering your email into the box located to the right side of this blog. Can't wait to hear from you!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Let me start of by saying that I appreciate every single person who views my blog and I especially want to say thank you about all the wonderful comments I have received.  I was surprised to find that my layout "Joy Ride" went over as well as it did. I received such wonderful emails about it. I was glancing around TwoPeas when I came across this:

My layout actually won a challenge! I am surprised and so happy. Thanks everyone! Y'all are so wonderful! If you haven't already, make sure to click the follow button on the right so you can be updated when I add a new project. (I'm working out the bugs on the email subscriptions). Thanks bunches!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family - October Afternoon

Ever since Chloe has come into our lives, our days have been filled with vet visits, 4 walks a day, and being the referee between her and Jada. I wouldn't change a thing. It's been so exciting and fun but I've hardly had any time to actually scrap the pictures I've taken. But this past Tuesday I finally received my new package of goodies  from Two Peas. The Farmhouse collection from October Afternoon is absolutely wonderful in every possible way. It is so versatile and just screams to be used. The papers just flow so well together that it's so easy to mix and match. It can be used to scrap anything that feels old or vintage; however, it can also be something warm and home-y.

October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Button Box, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Her Bureau, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Faded Wallpaper, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Church Social, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Clothesline, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Kitchen Cupboard, October Afternoon - Farmhouse - Word Stickers.

The journaling reads "Our happy family of three has now become a family of four. At first the idea of training another puppy worried me. Could I do it again? But now I can't see our family without Chloe." I started out with a couple of simple squares cut out and layered on top of each other. I loved it so much that I left it that way and only added embellishments to it.

I loved the little thread holders that were on one of the pages. I broke out my scissors and cut out one with yellow thread. It already had thread painted on it, but I decided that I wanted to wrap it in real thread for added affect. I placed a dot of glossy accents on the back to be sure that the thread didn't unwind. Then, I dug through my FMIL's stash of antique buttons for the final touch. 

I loved all the stickers that come with the Farmhouse collection. The word lists can all be lined up to add a border or stacked. They are so versatile. I loved this sticker that said My No.1 Key to Happiness. I just felt that it summed up my feelings of this photo. To finish off my page, I broke out the sewing machine and played around with the different settings for different stitches. 

Unfortunately, I only purchased one of each page. I didn't realize just how wonderful this collection is. I wound up using three different papers on this layout alone. I'm already getting my shopping cart ready for a replenishment shipment. These are just too fun. I always seem so surprise when I get anything October Afternoon. I always start out unsure, but once I get them in my hands, I fall in love!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joy Ride - Ink Blowing

When Wilna posted her layout "Who Says?" over at Two Peas in a Bucket, I was hit with a lightening bolt of inspiration. I loved the grouping in the center and the way her journaling was sewed in a straight line on top of her photo. I couldn't wait to scraplift some of that. So, I plugged the image into my mind to save for a rainy day. But then I was walking through Staples (my personal candy store) when I came upon a journal:

Yet another lightening bolt struck me. I loved the bold colors and the way they seemed to be dripping onto each other. I had a photo in mind that was difficult to scrap because of all the colors that were in it. It always seemed out of place when I put scrapbook paper under it. But now I had an idea. I raced home and put all this inspiration to work.

Tim Holtz - Distress Stain - Wild Honey,  Tim Holtz - Distress Stain - Aged MahoganyTim Holtz - Distress Stain - Peeled Paint,  Tim Holtz - Distress Stain - Dusty Concord,  Tim Holtz - Distress Stain - Weathered WoodTim Holtz - Distress Stain - Scattered Straw, Ranger - Inkssentials - Glossy Accents, Ranger - Acrylic Paint Dabber - Snow Cap, Crafts Etc - Bead Treasures - Seed Beads - Yellow/Orange, Crafts Etc - Czech Glass Beads - Seed Beads - Purple/Aqua 

I had so much fun on this layout! I felt like a kid in kindergarten again, playing with paints and getting all messy. I used 6 different colors of distress stains to get the desired affect. I focused on making my colors less like a rainbow and more like the tail feathers of the rooster in my photo.

Does anyone remember making a picture by blowing on wet paint with a straw? Well, I looked at the journal with the dripping paint and that's what came to my mind. Word of caution though, You have to start with your lightest colors first and then you work your way to the darker ones. The colors show up better that way. Also, I don't think it would work so well with anything but the distress stains. Mists and stamp pads seem to dry to fast and the re-inkers are really thick so you'd have to water them down. Also, I couldn't find a brad that was colorful enough for me so I used some small beads and Glossy accents to make the flower centers.

When I finished my layout, I realized that I had accidently put 'chicken' instead of 'duck' on my journaling. I was really upset because I had already sewed my journaling down. But that just gave me a creative idea. I decided that I would use this opportunity to add color to my journaling. I cut out little strips of cardstock and colored them with my distress inks. Then I wrote the correct word on top and used pop dots to make them stand out. I repeated this with a couple of random words. When I was finished, I had to laugh at my quirky solution, but I was still really pleased. Speaking of journaling... here's a closeup of the picture so you can read along with the story and laugh:

                "Jada has many toys but there are only two that she consistently plays with. The duck and the pig. They’re pretty much identical - both are just small round balls with a squeaker in them. The only difference is one is pink  and looks like a pig and the other is yellow with an orange bill like a duck. We have no idea what the big deal is, but those are her favorites.
                One day, the duck went missing. We all looked high and low for it, but with no luck. It seemed to have dissapeared into thin air. A week went by and still no duck. Then one day, it mysteriously reappeared, but in an unusual way.
               I was sitting down watching tv when my eyes began to roam around the room where they landed on Donna’s metal rooster. Sitting, perched on top as if it was on a joy ride, was the missing duck. I have no clue how it got there, but there it was... staring at me. Perhaps Jada felt like her duck needed a break?"

I finished off my layout with my usual prima letters (I'm gonna miss them when I run out). I used my acrylic paint dabber to make the letters pure white so they wouldn't compete with the color on my page. I hope y'all enjoyed this fun layout. I think everyone should try the ink blowing technique. It's just so playful!