Saturday, February 21, 2015


Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you're staying warm, where ever you are! The snow is coming down heavily here, so I'm stuck inside for the weekend. That's fine with me though.

Snow + Puppies + Blanket = Warm Snuggly Heaven

So, while I'm staying inside today, I thought I'd share my layout about the flight to Paris. I'm currently using this page as my cover page for the album. Once again, I haven't been able to take great pictures in a while. Please forgive me!

Recollections Travel Stamp Jar

Some of the items I used were from my scrap pile, so I'm not sure who they belong to anymore. It's been so liberating to try using only my scrap pile nowadays, but it does get frustrating when I'm trying to give credit. Either I've forgotten totally or the item is no longer around to link to.

I used brown string to show were I was coming from and going to, and then placed a chipboard airplane on top. I've been waiting to use the cute airplane chipboards that I have for a while now. We usually don't fly to places so they've sat in storage for quite some time. When traveling, I always try to take pictures that truly tell the story. Your plane ticket, favorite coffee, local cuisine, etc. These photos normally tell more about your trip than the average tourist picture. 

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