Monday, September 7, 2015

Paris - L'Objet qui Parle

When I was preparing to visit Paris, I used Pinterest as my personal tour guide. I wrote down all the little nooks and crannies that I thought I could squeeze into a week. I knew I'd probably never get a second chance to visit, so I didn't want to miss a thing! One of the places I uncovered was a place called L'Objet qui Parle (The Object that Speaks).

Paper - My Mind's Eye - Market Street Collection - Ashbury Heights - Vignette
When I was at Sacre Coeur, I took two streets over and at the bottom of the hill (near the Moulin Rouge) was L'Objet qui Parle. It was the size of a small closet and it was filled from the floor to ceiling with all kinds of antiques! I wish I could've bought more stuff but there's no way I could fit the giant antique mirror of my dreams into my luggage. :)

When arranging this layout, I wanted the look to have the same hodge-podge look as the shop itself. Little bits of paper hear and there with some texture. The Ashbury Heights Vignette from My Mind's Eye held just enough antique whimsy and color to really make the picture speak. And the Glassine kraft paper was actually the packaging I received when I bought some ribbon from A Paper Palette.

Hope you enjoyed this layout!

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Donna Heard said...

Yet ANOTHER beautiful layout from my BEAUTIFUL DIL!!! Thanks for sharing the story of how you found the little out of the way shop too! LOVE YOU!!!