Sunday, July 24, 2011

Altered Digital Photo Frame

Hey there everyone! Got a new project for you to view.

My FMIL began decorating her digital photo frame. It was so beautiful that it inspired me to decorate my own. She went with deep jewel tones and black, so I went to the opposite spectrum with white and peach.

I started by removing the frame from the main base of the photo frame. I didn't want to get anything on the screen (since I'm a complete mess when I'm crafting). After the screen was set aside, I coated my entire frame with yellow acrylic paint. It took 3 coats to get the opaque finish that I needed. Don't worry, this isn't how it's going to look when it's done.

I then covered the frame with a thick coating of crackle medium. Once that had dried completely, I layered on a layer of white. Then it was time to set back and watch the magic. When the white paint cracked, the yellow was able to show through nicely.

While I was waiting on the crackle to take effect, I gathered all my materials. I used flowers from Michael's and Recollections, trinkets from Blue Moon Beads and Traditions, and ribbon from Michael's.

This little locket is absolutely adorable. Since it's see through, I painted the inside with yellow so it would bring attention to the detailing on it.

Funny story about this little guy. I am a HUGE fan of Disney-Pixar's movie, UP. And there's no character I love more than the lovable pooch, Doug. There's random parts of the movie when Doug and other dogs randomly shout "Squirrel!!" It's become and inside joke to me and my loved ones. So, when I saw this little squirrel, I grabbed it right away. Now I smile even more when I look at my photo frame.

I added little circles of pearls here and there and I love the light vintage feel that it gave my overall look.

My FMIL gave me some trinkets to use out of her own stash. A lot of her trinkets actually come off of old bracelets that she finds at yard sales and thrift stores.

When I purchased these beautiful Recollections butterflies, they were very yellow. I wanted to warm one up a little bit, so I sprayed it with Tattered Angels Peach Delight. It gave it just the tint I was wanting.

I had so much fun doing this! And the great thing is, now my digital photos will flip through such a beautiful scene. I never would've thought to play with a digital photo frame. Isn't my wonderful FMIL so inspiring?! I just had to get a picture of them side by side so you can see the stark differences between  them. So, I'll leave you with that photo.


Mary Pat Siehl said...

so pretty

byondbzr said...

oooh, so gorgeous!!

Melissa said...

Love this idea !! I had not even thought about altering a digi frame. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I've pinned this in pinterest, I hope that's okay! I need to make this. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

This is a wonderful idea - I love how the two frames look so different. I would never have thought to alter one of these, thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and I started following your blog.