Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Frog

YAY! This is my first ever post. Well, lets see here... something witty to say.... umm, hi. :)

I thought I'd just get the ball started with a recent layout I did for a 4x6 photo challenge on (I'll provide the link to the original challenge at the bottom). I decided to scrap the two pictures that I had of my adorable shih-tzu, Jada. She runs as fast as she can when she plays, but then she finds herself very tired and hot. So she finds a nice cold place on the floor and *plop*... down she goes. She lays with her legs splayed out so her tummy can rest on the floor. Everyone who has seen her do this thinks she looks like a frog. So I decided to make a page around that topic.

I wanted to use some of my old papers instead of rushing out and buying new stuff (which is soooo tempting). So I rummaged around and came across some old Martha Stewart papers. They were pastel colors that were originally intended for baby layouts. Obviously, I don't scrap baby photos so I had long ago labeled them 'Useless'. But with the frog theme in mind, the light sage green papers seemed to jump out at me.

I began by piecing together a little frog. Not the best looking little fellow, but I wasn't too concerned about making him perfect. I added some brown ink around the edges so he wouldn't just blend in together. The brown actually allowed me to bring in some accent papers and ribbon. I had been wanting to use this cute polka dotted ribbon since I bought it a year ago.

With all my papers and ribbons set, there was only the title and journaling left. I used some brown chipboard letters from the Paper Studio. I think I've used those letters on every single layout I've done recently. They're so pretty and easy to use. But with all those layouts, I've managed to use almost every letter. I had no more T's or i's. So, I improvised. I made two t's with leftover F's by cutting the tops off. The i came from an unused j that had the bottom chopped off.

 After that, I finished up with my journaling on white cardstock, backed with brown cardstock. And ta-da! All done. Though, I have to admit... my scanner gave my page a very strange hue. I'll have to see if I can get a better image later.

Thanks for viewing!

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dlheard said...

Hey Kiddo!!
WOW GREAT FIRST ATTEMPT! I'm so glad you did this.....cause now you can show me how to do it!! YAY FOR ME!!!

ALMOST as much as I LOVE my lil Jadabug! She's too cute not to scrapbook! (Strike a pose!)